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It was such an honor to be a part of the choir you have conducted here in Hong Kong. Continue to shine for Jesus!

- Kitz Huidem

It was such an honor to have you conduct the Singing Quaker Alumni Choir earlier this month at our concert. I absolutely fell in love with the pieces that we did this year. Thank you so much!

- Nickie Lenox-Riggs

Hi Mark, I praise God for you and your ministry of music. As a professional soloist I truly enjoy singing your music in concerts and recitals. As an African-American singer of the Negro Spirituals I thank the Lord for how He has given you such a love for the Negro Spirituals and the sensitivity to the art form and style of the spirituals in your arrangements. I simply love singing your arrangements of the spirituals, the sacred and contemporary songs. I can not forget to mention your beautiful Christmas arrangements as well. I am classically trained and I love how your style of arranging fits the classical voice so perfectly. My friend and accompanist Jane Knotek attended one of your work shops, in Denver Colorado in 2010. Knowing how much of a big fan of your work I am and how often I sing it, she was so sweet to bring me back two of your anthologies "Mark Hayes The Art of Gospel Song" and a personally signed autograph of "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot and Other Songs from the Hampton Institute". Thank you so much for your autograph and the words of encouragement. As one who truly praise God for your music and love singing it and presenting it on my programs, I was so encouraged to make sure when I do sing your music that I am capturing the true essence of the music and you the composer. I was looking at your concert schedule and I noticed that you will be at Lincoln Center in May of 2013 to premiere your new works. I live in the Lehigh Valley which is not far from New York, people commute from the Lehigh Valley and from Allentown, Pa. where I live, to New York everyday. I was wondering if I can be a part of the chorus or maybe audition for a solo part, that's if you haven't already chosen your soloist. If you have already, then I would still like to be a part of the chours if possible. I know this is a long guest book entry but I had to use this opportunity to share my heart of thanks for your ministry. I pray that I will hear from you and that the Lord will continue to bless your ministry of music to the world. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. God bless you, Evelyn

- Evelyn Stewart

What a joy and a tremendous blessing we received in experiencing you in concert on Sunday, at Antioch Lithonia Missionary Baptist. God has gifted you in so many ways. I personally thank you for sharing your gifts with us. You also have a beautiful voice !! Thank you.. Everything was absolutely Awesome.... Namaste... 10/23/2012

- Amber

As a church choir director and a voice teacher, I'm so grateful for your gifts to the world of music. As a soloist, words cannot truly express my gratitude. Your vocal solo arrangements and compositions are nothing less than worshipful, artistic duets between the piano and voice; masterfully crafted gems. Please know that your gifts are truly appreciated by my congregation, my accompanist, and me. God bless you.

- Terry Bartlett

As a member of the Manchester United Methodist Church Chancel Choir, I am thrilled and honored that you will be leading us on August 5!

- Jennifer Sullivan

Mark Hayes, you are a wonderful gift from the heavens and your music touches people like the wind brushes upon human souls. Keep up the good work and I hope to see you live one day.

- Henry Valiente Jr

My cousin is Judy Owens, Longview TX. I am grateful that Mark is going to write a piece and perform it at her church in memory of her work. Bless You!

- Suzan Bunn

Hi, Mark! I love your piano music, and play a lot of it in my church. You're absolutely amazing

- Gunner Chancey

The Brazos Valley Chorale (TX) just performed the hauntingly beautiful "This Moment" for multiple choirs. Not only is this piece an inspiration to all who hear it, but it lingers with those of us who performed it. For those who practice contemplative prayer, "This Moment" is itself a musical meditation on being fully alive to possibility and present to the Power found "in the stillness."

- Lonny Tanel

Thank you for such wonderful music. You provide me with such beautiful arrangements to play and sing for worship. I have been waiting for All is Well music to be published in score and track so that I may perform it. Any idea if that is going to happen.I so love that recording especially Omnis Bene.

- Jill Truax

Amazing! You are very talented.

- Angela

You are truly a master! I look forward to seeing you In Palm Harbor, FL so very soon.

- Carole Harris

I am working on your "Carol of the Bells" and "We Three Kings" for my Christmas recital. My piano teacher and I love your music!

- Jillian

Our church choir just performed "Send the Light" this Sunday. Thank you for the WONDERFUL arrangement

- Andy E.

I just love Mark's arrangments -- they are so much fun to play! Thank you!

- Jenifer Spiroff

So very excited about your new Christmas Solo's!!! I think it will be fun to play Sleigh Ride and Toyland in church for a change from the traditional Christmas music. I think the congregation will just love it. I'm ordering it tomorrow from my fav music store. Hope to have it perfected by Christmas season. What a blessing your music has been in my life. I covet your prayers as I continue my service to the Lord at the keyboard.

- Becky Gabhart

I am an accomplished pianist who accompanies a wonderful soprano soloist and we LOVE your hymn arrangements - the unique chords, beautiful accompaniments and key changes. We use mostly your music at our concerts and the people really enjoy them. We do very little contemporary music, trying to use the hymns that people love so much and do not have the opportunity to sing in their churches these days. THANK YOU for your beautiful arrangements. Please keep those new books coming!!

- Marilyn Reist

Thanks Mark for dream come true when you gave a privilege of being conducted by you in South Africa Kuilsriver youth choir. Wow! you are smart and humble. I have been singing for over 30 years different gospel music pieces but, your arrangement of 'WHAT A FRIEND' captured my heart in big way. Thanks brother.

- Lawrence Sodladla

I was taught "Then Will The Very Rocks" as a teenager in school. I was an alto in the school choir. I fell in love with that arrangement back then and now, over 20 years after, after being a teacher for the same number of years, I wished to teach my youth choir the song and this led me to an internet search which resulted in my discovery of your site. I was so happy, I signed up and went crazy ordering!!! Probably someday when my choir learns enough of your music I can invite you to conduct and be a guest at our concert. You are truly blessed!!!!

- Lois Lewis

Love your choral arrangements. I've been blessed with the opportunity to direct a Junior High/High School women's choral group. We chose "Grace" SSAA and "The Mighty Power Of God" SSAA to take to convention last year. Hopefully there are more available like these two.

- Bradford Hershberger

Aloha Mr Hayes, I am the Music Director at the Lutheran Church of the Holy Trinity in Kailua Kona, Hawaii. We all (choir/congregation) love your music, whether it is original music written by you or your arrangements. You are a gift to the musical world. I am happy to have found this web site. I own many of your song-books and I am always on the look-out for more. I just wanted to say thanks (mahalo) from Kona, Hawaii!

- Francine Alexande

I love your arrangements. I plan to implement your Keys for the Kingdom series in my piano studio this fall. God bless!!

- Sonjia Upshaw

Attended your evening concert at the Green Lake Conference Center last month. Was glad to purchase your All is Well CD. I'm humming....

- Leslie Miller

Mark - What an honor it was to be part of the world premier of The American Spirit. It was simply beautiful and a thrill. I hope we are able to work with you again!

- Frank Timmons

Mark, the superb artistry of your arrangements always give me the confidence and joy everytime I play any of your advanced piano arrangements. My audience are always thrilled and blessed by what they hear. It looks like I preach with the notes I play. Now, I can't stop buying your piano books. You are such an annointed musician.

- Leo.Eustaquio

Love your arrangement of Wayfaring Stranger. Will be playing it tomorrow at Music Club. You certainly have a God given gift!!!!!! Thank you Mark

- Margery Johnson

Got your latest piano solo book, Jazz Hymns...fantastic! Thanks for another book of excellent arrangements.

- David Beck

We teach piano in Lakewood Colorado. We have about 100 adult piano students. Many of our students play at their church, but all of them LOVE your music. We have been using your music for 20 years now and we always enjoy it. Our students enjoy it. We are reminded particularly at Christmas because we use the solo piano Chrismas books you have written. We just wanted to say how much we appreciate the wonderful arrangements you have done for solo piano. Sincerely,

- Howard and Karen Pancoast

Love your arrangements. My kids and I have to adapt them a little since we also use violin and flute with piano - but definitely fun!

- Miriam

Love to play your music. It is such an inspiration.

- Pamela Carroll

Dear Mr. Hayes, I've never met you, but I consider you to be one of my first piano and composition teachers. I studied your solo piano music in high school and it had a lasting influence on my improvisational skills at church. Thank you for blessing me and so many others out there with your wonderful music. I hope that I can pass the blessings on as well.

- Jeremey McMillan

Mark, Thank you for all beautiful soprano solos. Love your music.

- Janet Aldrin

I just listened to the clips of The Art of The Piano Vol 1. I have ALL your piano music except this, Advent, Getty Hymns. Ordering today! Keep ADVANCED piano & vocal anthems coming. I conduct a community Christian choir & have done Mind of Christ, doing Far Above All, All Glory Be To God, Love, Sing Psalms, Hymns.... You are by far my favorite composer/arranger. Thank you so much & keep quality advanced music coming! God Bless You.

- Gwendolyn Johnson

I have just started working on your arrangement of 'Great Is Thy Faithfulness'. WOW! This arrangement is one of your best. Thanks. I hope I can get it 'playable' sometime next month.

- Murry

I walked in the Sanctuary 1 Sunday & the pianist was playing "I Surrender All". I thought it was the most beautiful piece I had ever heard! Since that day many yrs ago, I have so enjoyed playing songs like Majesty, Carol of the Bells, Sing Hallelujah & of course I Surrender All. Once, after I had finished Majesty, the whole congregation stood as well as myself. They clapped and I raised my hands in praise, this humble servant. As we continue our service to the Lord at the keyboard, may you truly be as blessed as I.

Always, Until we meet in Heaven

- Rebecca

Thank you to the Lord for many skill piano servant in the Church with the songs and the hymns with sermons.I am self will play piano in the Church some time and celebrate with Jesus in love and mant thanksgiving time; so be you too used of heaven with your nice talents and joy for goodness on God,thanks and bless and pray,your brother in faith. keijo sweden

- keijo

I'm so glad I happened upon this site! Thanks so much.

- Terri

Yesterday I picked up a copy of The Hymns of Keith Getty. The arrangements are just beautiful! I ordered two more copies today for 2 of my piano students. I know that they will love them. Thank you for the blessing!

- LaVonne Bickler

Mark, my wife and I so enjoyed your concert in Peachtree City, GA tonight. Thank you for your years of dedication to creating beautiful music for worship. As I expressed to you tonight, so many have been blessed through your music. Blessings!!!

- Paul Culp

I so enjoyed your concert at Asbury Methodist in Lafayette, Louisiana. A beautiful evening of song!

- Rusty Roden

Dear Mark, I love your music. I'm an aspiring arranger and have used your music as a measuring stick for musical excellence. Thank you for using your gift for the Church!

- Mike Wilson

I love your music from Somebody's Praying to All Creatures of our God and King

- Matthew Kovacik

Mr. Hayes: I just want to take the opportunity to say "thank you" for sharing you God blessed talents with the world. I have played for many years in church and your arrangements are the best out there. Your interpretations of each song carries across the essence that the composer was intending. After using your arrangements, none other compares. God has used you to bless the souls of many people.

- Christie Williams

I love your arrangements!

- Elyse Matthews

Hi Mark, I am still enjoying the euphoric bliss from the concert last night. Once again thank you for giving me the opportunity to sing the Soprano solos in your Gloria! God used you to encourage my heart! What a wonderful experience! I will treasure the memory!

- Laura Saunders

Mark, I absolutely love the look of your site. It is clean, clear, and, like your music, respectful of my time when I'm using it! Blessings, Doug

- Doug Lawrence

Mark, I absolutely love your new site! It's very comprehensive and wonderful to navigate. One of the best sites I've ever seen, really!

Congratulations! Have a great year!

- Linda Buchner

Hello Mark! First of all, I just want you to know how much I adore your arrangements. I am currently making a CD for my children...you know sing while you still can...and I'm doing several spirituals that you arranged. We did a pops concert at my church (University United Methodist in Irvine, Ca) where I performed your arrangement of "You Can't Take That Away From Me." Hard to improve on Gershwin, but you did it! I had a little fun with the instrumental break in the middle!

- Janet Kempke)

<>Mr. Hayes: Thank you so much for composing your 'Gloria'. This work sounds so "classically" legitimate and yet wonderfully relevant to the current musical time. The harmonic language you use here stimulates the senses and leaves me wanting more after these short twenty minutes. Keep up the great work! - Michael Tully, Director of Music at Wildwood United Methodist Church in Magnolia, TX.

P.S. Please note, I have never listened to anything from the music publishers that made me leap up from the cd player to the keyboard to type out a message!

- Michael Tully

Mark - We met in Indianapolis a few years ago and I re-introduced myself again on Saturday. I purchased some more piano music and I love the Jazz arrangements. Thanks, and KEEP it up!!! My congregation loves your arrangements!!!

- Joy

Just attended one of your sacred choal music reading sessions in Indianapolis, IN, and it was a pure pleasure working with you and Sheldon. Thanks so much for blessing us with all of your talents. Amen

- John Metz

Just purchased your book Best of, Volume 2. my favorites: I'd Rather have Jesus and the three songs chosen for the Jesus Medley. I'm from Chickasha OK. so I'll check your concerts possibly in Texas--------come to Oklahoma-----God Bless

- Tina Baker

I am blessed every time I hear your arrangements. WOW!!

- Thomas Pretz

Mark, you are such an inspiration to God's work and so proud of you! I am very blessed to have you as part of my family and friend. It was great to see you again and would love to see you someday soon.

- Debbie Crosson

Your work is very inspirational.

- Obataiye Akinwole

Thank you so much for your great music. I have enjoyed playing your arrangements for years. We seem to think along the same lines and I find your arrangements very playable and immensely enjoyable.

I just found out today, as I was directing a choral instructor to your website, that you and I are both Normalites!

Thank you so much for the blessings of your sweet spirit and extremely rich imagination.

- Kathy Bennett

My daughter is in the chorus and they sing alot of uplifting songs and the song Fly Away is one of the songs that will be sung in the concert,(Longwood High School) Long Island, NY just want to listen and admire

- Beatrice

I am playing your Christmas music now Mark, and I play every day. Also the Well Tempered Wedding book is great. i love your arrangement of "Be Thou My Vision"....and all of the others. The CDs of your playing come with it, and they could not be more beautiful!!! Thank you.

- Margery Johnson

Just on a whim, I googled your name today to see if you had a website -- and found it. I only want to tell you how very much your incredibly lovely arrangements and compositions are appreciated by me and by the congregation for which I play. It is a small, rural Methodist church which, believe it or not, has enjoyed increased attendance since I began to play your arrangements -- a marvelous testimony to your ministry! Just keep those moving pieces coming! God's blessings to you

- Melba Gandy

Very nicely done, Mark.

- Kathie Nicolet/Chicago Pianist

I sing in the choir at Fourth Presbyterian Church here in Bethesda, MD. Several weeks ago our choir sung "The Mighty Power of God" in our Sunday service. That Sunday happened to be a very difficult time for me as I was going through some painful emotion. But when I sung this song with the choir, I was so captivated by the beautiful melody and uplifted by the words. Praise the LORD! Thank you for your works.

- Joanna Jiang

I recently had the opportunity to sing your beautiful arrangement of Te Deum at Carnegie Hall on November 23, 2008 with the Central Lutheran Church Choir in Dallas, TX. I had been a member of that choir in the past but had moved to another area outside Dallas. The music director asked if I would like to join the choir in preparation for Carnegie Hall. Little did I know that God was preparing me for what was ahead. We started practice in June. When practicing in and outside of choir rehearsal, I was moved to tears as the words and music were touching the depts of my soul. On October 18, 2008, I got word that my daughter had died suddenly with a brain aneurysm. I wasn't sure if I could sing at Carnegie Hall five weeks after her death without breaking down, however, God in his infinite mercy wanted me to do this in praise to Him and He carried me all the way. I feel so blssed at having had this awesome experience.

- Kay Rhodes

I love playing your music!

- Monica Weidmann

I'm a professor at University and music director at church in Korea. Thank you for your choral music. I hope that God blesses your business. Thank you again.

- Hyodong Sohn

I so enjoy playing your compositions. Please continue to create and bless us.

- Catherine Bryant

My 'boss', Brad Kisner, met you at the Methodist Fellowship meeting this summer, and he was so thrilled! I continue to enjoy playing your wonderful arrangements at church, both old and new. This coming Sunday, I'll be playing 'Holy Ground'. Thanks for sharing your wonderful talent with all of us.

- Jan Grewe

I sang your song, Safe Within Your Arms, last week and was so blessed by the message. I have had a few rough years, and that was the first time I have soloed in a while. Thank you for letting God work through you.

- Carolyn Bain

I can't thank you enough for writing "The Dreamer" for Dr. Tim Seelig and The Turtle Creek Chorale! It was truly thrilling to perform this moving work. You've really touched our hearts. Thank you so much for being at the concert.

- Russ Rieger

My piano partner and I have really enjoyed playing Mark's works for two pianos and also piano/organ duos. Our church, Clear Lake Presbyterian, is fortunate to have two fine grand pianos and we use them a lot in our services. We met Mark at one of his workshops here in Clear Lake. I picked up the "Well-Tempered Jazz" book and just love the arrangements! I also purchased a number of other exciting books and the Wedding music set. Mark is the best arranger/composer in the business today

- Sue Smith

I was introduced to your solo collection (7 Psalms & Spirituals) three years ago when I was invited to sing a recital for a friends church in Philadelphia. I was so inspired with your arrangements that I have used three more of your collection books for my music ministry to Senior Communities and Nursing homes in my area. Your music and accompaniment CD's are a blessing for me and my audiences and I thank you. I am looking forward to meeting you at the Volkwein's Choral Concert in PGH./August 07.

- Beth Wessel

I have enjoyed presenting or just playing all of your books for some time now, but none to compare with "Gospel Classics". What an inspired work of art. Thank you for making these old classics come back with new life. The Lord is truly using you in this great work. A "Gospel Classics II" would be a welcomed pleasure. Enjoyed your work in the Baylor Alleluia conference in 2005. God Bless You.

- Joyce Temple