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35000217, Double SATB choirs or mxd ensemble with congregation, $2.50
This medley is wonderfully suited for blended worship experiences. It begins with an a cappella setting of Theodore Dubois' "Christ, We Do All Adore Thee" from "The Seven Last Words of Christ", which sets a tone of reverence and draws upon the choral tradition of the great classics. A short instrumental interlude ushers in the inspirational "Glorify Thy Name" which has become a classic in the praise and worship genre. This moving chorus modulates three times by half steps, building slowly in excitement and grandeur. Interspersed between these choruses is a 2-bar excerpt frm "Christ, We Do All Adore Thee," which ties the old and new together and echoes the theme of adoration to God. After the thrilling conclusion of "Glorify Thy Name" a 2-bar a cappella coda of "Christ, we do all adore Thee," concludes the medley in a truly intimate moment of adoration. This anthem may be sung by a double choir, or used with a praise team or ensemble and choir and is very accessible for high school or adult choirs. Consider using the open a cappella section as an introit, prayer response or benediction. Congregational participation during the praise chorus is highly encouraged. A stunning track and orchestration are available.

Instrumentation: 35000219 $50.00
Fl, Oboe, 2 Horns, 2 Tpts, 2 Tbns, Tuba, Master Rhythm (Piano, Bass, Drums, Gtr), Perc, Harp, Vlns, Vla, Cello, Dbl. Bass

Instrumentation available only through Mark Hayes Productions.
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