Permissions and Licensing

Mark Hayes does not own the copyrights to his printed or recorded music. It is generally owned by the publisher with whom it is published. If you are interested in duplicating a permanently out-of-print piece of music written or arranged by Mark, you must contact the publisher to get permission. If we have a copy in our archival files, we will send you a duplicate once you have secured permission from the publisher. Mark does not have the legal authority to grant you permission to duplicate or record his music.

To record any of Mark’s music, you must request a mechanical license from the publisher or copyright holder. They will want to know the following information:
  1. Song title and composer or arranger
  2. Title of recording and artist
  3. Number of units to be manufactured
  4. Release date of recording
  5. Recorded length of each song
Even if you are recording ONE copy of a copyrighted piece of music, you must get permission. Even if you are not selling the recordings, but merely giving them away, you still must secure a mechanical license to be legal. A good place to obtain the license is The Harry Fox Agency and their website: Most publishers are members of HFA and you should be able to license all of the songs in one place. In order to use HFA's services you will need to make a minimum of 500 recordings.

If you don't meet the minimum requirements, you must contact each publisher individually to obtain a license. Many publishers have permission pages on their websites, which allow you to request permission to print or record. HFA and publishers will likely charge you the statutory rate (currently the greater of $.091 or $.0175 per minute per song per CD) which is determined by Congress and overseen by the Library of Congress.

I cannot give permission to record, reproduce or arrange my compositions or arrangements with the exception of the following songs:
  • Air in F Major (instrumental)
  • All Is Well  (vocal solo)
  • Christ the Lord Is Risen Today (SSAATTBB unaccompanied voicing)
  • Finding the Gift (vocal solo)
  • God Is All There Is (vocal solo)
  • Grateful (vocal solo)
  • How High Can I Fly? (vocal solo)
  • Improvisation on Omnis Bene (instrumental)
  • In the Spirit (vocal duet)
  • Let It Go (vocal solo)
  • Namasté (vocal solo and SATB)
  • Omnis Bene (vocal solo)
  • One World (TTBB or SATB voicings)
  • Rejoice! The Lord Is King (SSAATTBB unaccompanied voicing)
  • Simple Song (instrumental)
  • Spirit Meets Me There (vocal solo)
  • Takin' Back My Mind (vocal solo)
  • The Greatest Good (vocal solo)
  • Think on These Things (vocal solo)
Please contact Mark Hayes at or call 816-531-1591 to license any of these songs.