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Book Mark Hayes

Mark Hayes is available for a variety of events such as:

  • concerts
  • composer festivals
  • worship services
  • clinics, seminars and workshops
  • music conventions
  • choral and keyboard reading sessions
  • keynote speeches
  • private consultation or music instruction
  • piano master classes
  • judging choral or piano festivals or competitions

How to reach Mark
Please contact Mark is at or call him at 816-531-1591. He books all of his own events and does not work with a booking agent. Fees are based on the nature of the event and the amount of time involved. Once you’ve discussed and determined your needs, Mark will draw up a contract and mail it to you for your signature.

When is Mark available?
Mark will accommodate your date request as much as possible depending on the commitments he has already made. He typically books events 12-16 months in advance. Spring and fall dates book up more quickly than other times of the year.

Fees and Contracts
Fees are based on the nature of the event and the amount of time involved. Once you’ve discussed and determined your needs, Mark will draw up a contract and mail it to you for your signature. No advance honorarium is needed. Payment is expected at the conclusion of the event.

Travel Arrangements
Airline reservations are made several weeks in advance by Mike Irwin, Mark’s business manager. Care is taken to get the best rate with the best traveling schedule.
Once the reservations are made, Mike will invoice your organization and that amount is due with 30 days of receipt. The hosting church or organization is expected to make hotel accommodations for Mark since they will have a better knowledge of hotels in the area. As spelled out in the contract, the hosting organization is expected to pay for round trip travel (by air or car), rental car (if needed), hotel accommodations and meals while Mark is in the event city, unless otherwise specified in the contract. At the conclusion of the event, Mark will provide receipts for all travel expenses and an itemized invoice.

Types of Events


Mark is available to perform solo piano concerts. They can range from 30-90 minutes, depending on your needs. He plays solely his arrangements or compositions, which showcase diverse styles such as classical, gospel, inspirational, contemporary Christian, jazz, black gospel and Latin. His performance style is warm and conversational and he often shares the stories behind his music. Occasionally he will sing one or two original songs of his. A piano concert can be combined with many of the other options on this page.

Composer Festival

This option typically involves a Saturday and Sunday and sometimes a Friday evening. The purpose is to introduce your choir to Mark as a composer and conductor in a rehearsal and performance experience. Rehearsals with the choir occur on Saturday and/or Friday evening. Mark leads in worship on Sunday morning conducting the choir and playing service music. If a separate concert is desired, Mark conducts the choir in concert on Sunday afternoon or evening. Part of the concert can include piano solos by Mark. Choirs often perform 5-10 anthems during this time. Mark and the choral director choose the repertoire months in advance. Choirs are expected to have the music thoroughly learned so that Mark can fine-tune the selections during the rehearsal time. Composer festivals hosted by non-church organizations can be scheduled during the week if desired.

Worship Service or Hymn Festival

Mark is available to design a worship experience for your church that he will lead. This can be a part of a weekend composer festival, part of a larger sacred music convention or a Sunday morning only experience. He will craft a service using his choral music, congregational music that promotes participation, readings, scripture and other liturgical elements that connect the worshiper with God. A hybrid version of this is an evening concert that is more worship than performance-centered. This involves many of the elements of a Sunday morning worship time but with no sermon. The choir selections contain the message and the audience is encouraged to participate through hymns and other contemporary worship music, if desired.


Keyboard Improvisation: Creating a Flow with Praise and Worship Music
A guide to the basics of improvisation as it applies to the church keyboardist, this seminar will discuss modulations, chord substitution, interludes, enhancing simplistic accompaniments, and creating a flow between congregational songs, especially contemporary music. If you can’t play by ear, this workshop is especially for you.

Hymn Improvisation for Solo Playing and Congregational Accompaniment
Learn how to embellish hymns and use substitute harmonies, learn how to add to what’s already on the page even if you’re not a good improviser. Modulations and transitions in traditional and gospel styles will be discussed.

Choral Arranging and Composition
A seminar for those with basic arranging and compositional skills who are interested in breaking into the publishing industry, practical how-to’s on getting started and information on submitting manuscripts for publication. A basic knowledge of music theory and harmony would be beneficial to get the most out of this class. Learn practical tips for choral arranging and composition from noted composer, Mark Hayes, published by over 30 publishers with 1000 pieces in print, spanning 35 years

Worship Band Workshop
This workshop is open to all rhythm section players and musicians who play melodic instruments. We will demonstrate and discuss the following topics:

  • Which instruments play what when
  • How to modulate
  • How to start and stop a song and create transitions
  • How to create a medley and sustain a worship flow
  • How to improvise from the hymnal
  • How to play a leadsheet
  • Following the leader of the band
  • Creating obbligatos or countermelodies for melodic instruments

In addition, we will explore how to identify and utilize your “worship voice”, and learn how to use your gifts to empower your church’s worship life.

Seeing the Divine in Yourself and Others
It may be rather hard to see God in your spouse, child, co-worker or (dare I say it!) your senior minister when he or she has ticked you off. However God’s spirit is still there in each of those people. Discover more fully that image of the Divine that lives in each one of us through guided meditation, experiential exercises and music. Mark will share a unique song and choral anthem, that you may take home as a gift from him.

The Art of Being Grateful
Explore the spiritual principle of gratitude in your life. See how it can transform your everyday life, your faith walk and music ministry. Although this is a non-music workshop per se, it will be experiential in nature and include some music. Come expecting to be transformed.

Choral Reading Session

This is a chance for choir directors in your area to preview and sing through new music. Mark will compile a packet of new or time-honored music. It can be only compositions and arrangements written by him or it can be a multi-writer packet. Mark typically presents 15 selections per hour. Attendees sight-sing the music. As the host organization, you may charge a fee for the packet. Mark can usually get the music at no cost or reduced rate from the publishers. If there is a music dealer in your area they can order the music from the publishers and be present at the session with back-up stock.

Keyboard Reading Session

This is a chance for church pianists to preview new sacred keyboard literature. Mark plays excerpts from new books written by various arrangers, including him. The format is much like a mini-recital, but Mark provides commentary about each selection as he plays it. Pending arrangements with a music dealer or the publishers, copies of the music can be available for pianists to follow along as Mark plays, as well as for sale after the reading session.

Piano Master Class

Come prepared to play sacred piano selections and receive hands-on coaching by Mark Hayes in the company of other pianists. Emphasis will be given to artistic solo playing, accompanying vocalists and congregational service music.  Please bring your own scores if you wish to perform.

Private Consultation and Music Instruction

Spend 30 minutes with Mark Hayes for your own private lesson on composition, arranging or keyboard improvisation. Ask questions about how to get your music published. Bring music to be critiqued. Learn how to enhance your improvisatory skills at the keyboard and play with a praise band. The sky is the limit! Come with your music, your dreams, your questions, and Mark will do his best to teach, encourage and inspire you.