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How to License Mark's music

Thanks for your inquiry and conscientiousness about licensing my music and copyright issues. I have no problem with you using my music online for worship. However, I do not control the copyrights for my music. Those copyrights are administered by the publishers of the music or copyright administration companies, such as Music Services. If your church has a live streaming license with CCLI or One License, this may be covered. Please check with them.

You can find who owns the arrangement in the copyright notice at the bottom of the title page. My piano or vocal solo music is published by the publishers listed below. Each of these publishers can grant you permission to live-stream, record or post my music on YouTube. I have listed the link where you can request permission. Please know that obtaining a license won’t happen overnight. Publishers are fielding lots of requests during this time of live-streaming and virtual performances and it can take 4-6 weeks in some cases.

The U.S. copyright law requires permission for “synchronization” to allow you to broadcast copyrighted music with video, whether it’s Facebook Live, posted on your website, or on a YouTube channel. According to the law, you must request permission before broadcasting it in any form. You can do this by contacting each publisher and requesting a synchronization license. That can be complicated, time-consuming and expensive. The best way to do this is through a blanket streaming license if you will be using my music on a regular basis. CCLI and One License are the two primary sources that offer streaming or synchronization licenses for sacred music.

Here is a helpful link from one of my main publishers, Lorenz, that may answer additional questions: Making Music

If you have problems determining who publishes a certain composition or arrangement of mine, I’m here to help. You may contact me directly via the contact form.

Mark Hayes