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Speeches & Articles

I have the opportunity to speak at churches, conferences, seminaries, and universities across the nation about a variety of subjects including trends in church music, worship renewal, blended worship, keyboard improvisation, composition, orchestration, arranging and how to be published. Listed below are some of those speeches and articles in a PDF format. Simply click on the title and you can download the document and print it out on your computer. Because these documents are over ten pages long, it is too cumbersome to put a readable file on my website.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open a PDF file. You can go to this Adobe Acrobat software link and download the necessary software without charge. Follow the directions at the Adobe website for downloading PDF files.

Finding and Embracing Your Worship Voice

Do you have to hire a church growth consultant in order to find the missing ingredient for long term growth in your church? Do you need to pay outside musicians to supplement your music ministry and “pump up” your worship? As an alternative, why not identify the gifts, skills and vision that your church already has and use that to grow your church? Discover the “worship voice” of your church, both corporately and individually, and learn ways to embrace each member’s unique contribution to the worship life of your church.

Training Local Church Musicians

It’s a different world out there in church music ministries these days. Worship wars threaten to fracture congregations. It would seem that there is a schism between traditionalists and worshipers who want solely praise and worship music. Where do our seminaries and colleges fit into this dilemma? How do we train future music pastors to be relevant when seminaries and music conservatories appear to be stuck in a time warp? Mark offers practical advice to educators on how and what to teach students so they can be relevant and potent leaders in the ever-evolving church music scene.

Training Local Church Musicians

This question and answer session provides insightful glimpses into the life of Mark Hayes, both professionally and personally. Questions include:

Biographical Information
  1. How did you begin in music? What instruments did you study growing up? What is your primary instrument or instruments and with whom did you study?
  2. What years did you attend Baylor, and what did you study besides piano? What other formal music study have you had? Any composition?
  3. What have you done since Baylor – places of residence, positions held, including dates?
  4. What year did you receive the Dove Award? What was it for?
  5. Other than the Dove Award, are there other significant, defining moments in your career (awards, important performances of your music) or other achievements?
Religious Life
  1. Describe your religious background and church involvement.
  2. What is significant about your religious/spiritual life that has influenced you to compose religious music?
Compositional Output and Style
  1. List the genres in which you have composed and your most significant works other than solo song literature.
  2. How would you describe your compositional style? What have been the primary influences on your style?
Song Style
  1. How would you describe your song style?
  2. What inspired you to write sacred songs for the soloist?
  3. What do you look for in a text?
  4. Most of your published pieces for solo voice are arrangements. Do you have plans to publish any original compositions for solo voice?