Lorenz Publishing
70/1662L, $24.95
Multiple arrangers

Released: 2008

This collection, the third in a series, features creative settings of hymns from six well-known composers. Each composer chose two of their favorite hymns, and explained why the music they chose is special to them. Most songs refer back to a childhood memory or a particularly meaningful event in their lives. Mark Hayes contributed “For the Beauty of the Earth,” which floats along in a gently rhythmic fashion, much like a spring breeze, and is a reminder to be grateful for God’s gift of nature and of God’s earth. Mark’s arrangement of “Standing on the Promises” came from his memories of the evangelical hymns and gospel songs he grew up with in church. Mark arranged this title with a decidedly contemporary feel, featuring some jazz harmonies and rhythms. LEVEL: Intermediate

Song List

  1. Beneath the Cross of Jesus
  2. For the Beauty of the Earth
  3. He Hideth My Soul
  4. He Leadeth Me
  5. Heavenly Sunlight
  6. I Know Whom I Have Believed
  7. I Need Thee Every Hour
  8. I’ve Got the Joy
  9. Like a River Glorious
  10. Standing on the Promises
  11. The Solid Rock
  12. Tell It to Jesus

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